Go Fast Alone.
Go Further Together.

The 13 Moons brings you tools each month to help you achieve emotional ease & experience success in every area of your life.

How you are supported

Four exclusively curated practices inspired and created by the energy of lunar cycles to support you to align with your most expansive self and live your most successful life. 

Together is better. We practice our monthly themed meditations as a community on the New Moon and the Full Moon with Guru Singh. This is how we keep each other motivated and connected. 

A space to be yourself and ask questions freely to Guru Singh and The 13 Moons Community. No, really though — we like real and we think that being able to ask some of lifes most complex questions without feeling judged is one of the greatest gifts in life. 

Member Benefits Through Meditation

The Lunar Cycle Monthly Practices & Wisdom Release

From the on-demand curated library:

  • One 3-to-11-minute meditation [breath practice]
  • One 45-minute krya [movement practice]  
  • One 15-ish minute choti krya [movement practice] 
  • One 7-ish minute kryalito [movement practice] 
A Nurturing Meditation Community

Learn to create an extraordinary life — the life you’ve wished for in those moments of challenge, and the one you’ve imagined in those other moments of tremendous optimism. Learn to achieve this within a compassionate community of [like hearted – like minded] people surrounding and supporting you each step of the way.

In this community you’ll engage with Guru Singh’s own life mastery and increase yours. You’ll embrace a new relation with the intuitive science of Kundalini to self-discover the answers and solutions on your life-path.

13 is the number of the goddess. And, as has been said for decades…and most likely even centuries, “if women/mothers ruled the world, there would be no war.” This is the nature of the goddess, caring for all life finding solutions to uplift all challenges and soothing the hurt — a logical by product of life. For this reason, our effort is dedicated to the goddess and why we have chosen the name, 13 Moons.

Meditate Your Way Through Limitations


This meditation is so powerful and encompasses inner strength. I just finished. It took me a few times to get the rhythm, but once I did it was awesome. 

Sat Nam and thank you for being here and creating this beatuiful space to shine. 

– Kelli B.


I don’t know if it’s the rhythm combined with the tapping, but I go very deep, 11 minutes is over very quickly! 

I feel a strong connection with my soul and like I’m connecting with Source energy, I feel an overwhelming sense of divine love and joy.

– 13 Moons Member

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