Change your life in 2023

Miracle Meditation Challenge

Commit to practicing the eight-minute ‘Daily Miracle’ guided meditation every day for four weeks.

The Challenge Begins January 2, 2023

Week 1 --
Plan with understanding

It's important to remember that everyone has their own journey. The best way to plan for your future is to take the time to understand your own needs and motivations.

Week 2 --
Understanding miracles

Everything you allow into your body and mind will affect your ability to experience these miracles -- the foods you eat; the sounds you listen to; the views you view; the frequencies you embrace . . . either permit, or limit your access.

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Week 3 --
Consistency fuels the change

Explore the Universal consistencies of tension, pressure, stress, and friction in search of the Universal efficiencies of ease, joy, knowing, and liberation to create sustainable change in your life.

Week 4 --
Choose the lens of gratitude

Use gratitude to open the dreams of your destiny and desires to experience the fulfillment of your life. Giving thanks is gratitude that connects with your highest level of openness, the level of receptivity that accepts your heartfelt desires.

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By Joining The Challenge, Here's What Your Commiting To:


  1. Practice the Miracle Meditation once a day [preferably at the same time every day].
  2. Flash journal for a minimum of five minutes post-meditation with the daily prompt to help bring clarity to your goals & vision for the upcoming year. The January 1st email with the meditation will include the link to these.
  3. Optional to accelerate your progress: Gather live [on zoom] with Guru Singh every Monday morning for support, inspiration & accountability. Psst…community helps accelerate our progress. The zoom links will be sent via email.
  4. Optional: Share your progress on Instagram/social and tag @gurusinghyogi and use the hashtag #the13moonscommunity
  5. Stay Consistent & keep it simple.


This challenge is about ...

Bringing awareness to our present state of being… nourishing our minds with a potent daily practice so we can fully show up to life in love and in-joy. You will receive support and accountability from our heart-centered community for the entire challenge.



Our intention is to create meaningful impact, and that means unifying our powers to inspire others to do the same. Share your 30-day journey on Instagram each day to celebrate your progress and build the community momentum forward! 

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Completely change your life in the month ahead and create clarity for your path ahead into 2023.